“I felt safe and secure.”

During my recent session with Sandra, I was impressed with the clarity and exactitude of the information she relayed to me. I liked that she answered the questions I had coming into the session and also, I was touched on how tender and loving she is in the process.

— Z.R Corporate Executive Coach

A gifted healer!”

I fully trust her guidance and contact her whenever I have something to resolve. Her gentle, sweet, nurturing way is what makes her so special. It is rare to find someone so pure and loving at heart. She comes from the right place. Thank goodness we have a light like Sandra in this world!

— C.C. TV & Film actress


“One word, Amazing”

Fueled by her experiences working in the fashion industry and simultaneous quest for emotional and spiritual fulfillment, Sandra's passion for seeking out holistic ways to heal is as authentic as it is laden with expertise. Her ability to communicate her personal story as it pertains to her journey as a holistic healer is incredibly inspiring. Sandra's ability to relate to others confronting vacancies within their physical and spiritual lives is a critical component of her brilliance in this area.

— G.F Actress, television host


“It relieved the anxieties and fears I had.”

I've been very curious about getting a reading for some time and although nervous about it, Sandra put me right at ease. She tapped into my vibration as well as my family's and gave us great tools to apply nutritionally and career wise. Most of all I loved connecting to my older brother who passed away many years ago. Now I know that he is happy and I can move on with an easy heart. 

— J.Z Model, fashion photographer

“I felt wrapped in a protective embrace.”

The sacred space she'd created around her prior to our call immediately enveloped me. Sandra totally tapped into my spirit guides and gave me very clear messages from them to me. She worked with the visuals she received, transporting me along with her the entire way so I could see what she was seeing. During my session, she went deeper to the point of a past life regression. She worked to heal and cut away any unnecessary cords or phobias I'd carried with me from past lives and past experiences, and I instantly felt lighter. Best of all, her glimpses into my future filled me with hope and optimism. I recommend Sandra to anyone looking for spiritual guidance and healing. She truly has a way with the Angels. 

— A.L Actress, writer


“Fantastic and Accurate.”

My session with Sandra was great! She makes you feel comfortable and open to the reading. A few events she mentioned actually happened, a telling sign that I was right on track. 

— V.R Executive Assistant