About Sandra

Sandra Lerga is an internationally acclaimed fashion model and actress and a long time practitioner of the healing arts. Having traveled the world for her work, she's had the opportunity to study in various spiritual and healing modalities. She is a trained Holistic Health Coach, one of the first graduates from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), an herbalist under the tutelage of Peeka Trenkle and a Vipassana Mindfulness Meditator who uses nutritional guidance, herbal medicine and energy healing to move her clients into a deeper sense of well being. With 20 yrs of experience in the field of wellness, Sandra also draws her expertise from successfully having recovered her own life from anxiety and depression, severe chronic migraines, rosacea and PTSD which fuels her joy in helping others. 

Besides her love of helping people heal from chronic illness, Sandra is passionate about teaching plant based lifestyles, volunteering with the Humane Society, freeing animals from abuse and creating her own original natural beauty products.