We all share one strong common denominator: we all wish for Health, Peace and Happiness! The body, mind and soul are hard wired to thrive in a state of balance but with life's many curveballs, over time, our innate ability to feel whole wears thin. As a Holistic Health Coach I am here to guide you through restorative steps right back to your God given state you were meant to have. I will share with you Wellness Tools and Healing Protocols inspired from nearly twenty years of experience in the field. You were not meant to live in suffering but in harmony. Let me help you regain your True North! Please enjoy browsing my site and see you soon! 

Holistic Health

A healthy body is a healthy mind. They say the gut is our second brain. Find the support you need to regain a fresh mind and renewed physical vitality.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive guidance is our innate knowing of what is right for us and what holds true. But too often the analytical mind can cast a shadow and make us doubt our gut feelings. This is when an Intuitive Healer can help set us back on track.

Wellness Blog

Watch for articles, recipes, short stories and wonderful non profit resource pages.




"Sandra is a phenomenal healer.”

I have consulted with her on many occasions  and found her guidance, reassurance and constant support to be exactly the right spiritual and holistic nourishment I need. As an intuitive myself, I can assure you that Sandra's practice is authentic, uplifting and above all highly accurate. She is kind and a real pleasure to work with each and every time.

— S.P Intuitive and Spiritual Empowerment Coach